Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2018 Serial Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2018 Serial Written Update
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2018 Serial Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2018 Serial Written Update -The Episode begins with Pandit saying in regards to kanyadaan. Ishita says our little girls are particularly fit, we will dependably have a privilege on them, we are not giving them away, but rather we trust Karan and Rohan pay them regard and cherish them a considerable measure. Kaushalya says don’t stress, Ruhi and Aaliya will remain with us cheerfully. Pihu says don’t cry, I will be with you Ishimaa. Both the recently married couples get endowments from senior citizens. Pihu goes to conceal shoes.

Bala says we will conceal it immediately. Kaushalya asks what’s happening. He says nothing. Kaushalya asks are you concealing the shoes, you can keep it here. He says we can confide in her. She keeps the shoes. Karan and Rohan search for shoes. Rohan says I think Pihu has shrouded it. Pihu comes to them. Ruhi asks what’s this. Pihu says in the event that you need the shoes, you

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need to pay a cost for it, Dadi said its a custom, I don’t need cash, I need guarantees. She says you will take Ruhi and Aaliya, I will feel forlorn, you should consider me consistently and remind them too. Rohan says guarantee. Pihu says you should motivate them to meet me and bring presents for me.

Karan says I acknowledge. Pihu says you need to take me on lengthy drive and get me a frozen yogurt, you need to keep Aaliya and Ruhi upbeat. Rohan says done, whatever else. She says shoes are over yonder. Ishita embraces her. Ruhi and Aaliya’s bidaai occurs. They toss the rice behind and cry. Laado pyaari… plays… .. Ishita and Shagun embrace them. Raman cries. Raman embraces them. Mani and everybody additionally embrace the ladies. Raman says Kaushalya ji, pardon me, we didn’t have any goal to do anything such. Kaushalya says pardon me as well, would all of you go to my home, its my demand, my visitors didn’t come, we need to go Grahpravesh. Amma says we are relatives now, we can go. Appa says gives up at that point. Ishita shocks Ruhi and Aaliya. They see the relatives coming. Kaushalya does grahpravesh of Ruhi and Aaliya. Everybody grins. Rohan goes to the room.

Karan says I m feeling so warm, you likewise go and change, your sack is there. Ruhi grins. Rohan sees Aaliya. He embraces her and says today around evening time is exceptionally extraordinary, we will be one. He holds her nearby. She escapes. He says I realize you are extremely anxious, I figure we should give this additional time, you feel great, I will pause, alright? Aaliya stops him and embraces. Ruhi gets an astonishment and asks what’s this. Karan clicks pics with her and posts via web-based networking media. He says we will have a couple name, Ruhan, it sounds cool. She grins and says its best, I m exceptionally upbeat today. He says I m additionally extremely glad, so I got a cake for you. She says its my fav cake, given me a chance to click a pic. They out hashtags. They drink champagne and grin.

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Raman takes a gander at the house and gets dismal. Mr Bhalla comes and says I require my child to give me some time, I feel my child made me away. Raman inquires as to for what reason are you saying this. Mr. Bhalla says you figured I won’t comprehend your torment, you were in strain and didn’t consider conversing with me, your inconvenience is mine, you could have examined it with me. Raman says I m sorry, I didn’t intend to hurt you. Mr. Bhalla says you sold your offers, we have our offers, we will satisfy the advance, we will offer property and gems. Ishita looks on. Raman says no, in the event that you are with me, I will have fearlessness to battle foes, I trust you have pardoned me. Mr. Bhalla embraces him. Ishita grins.

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