Songs lyrics biography wishes sms quotes wallapers images

Songs lyrics biography wishes sms quotes wallapers images

sweet short message for my boyfriend – WhatsApp facebook ( romantic &^ )

Here i am sharing some details about sweet for your’s boyfriend With the help of Facebook & whatsapp .

short message for boyfriend

  • The dictionaries are at it again! They just can’t give the best word to describe your love for me.
  •  With you by my side, I can fear no tide. You’re my guide and my anchor.
  •  I pride myself in the assurance of the love that is true, all because you’re the definition of undying love.
  •  Your love has called the shots and my heart’s status is changing for the best.
  •  Taking a step at a time, I’m on my way to a better day – a better day with you
sweet short message for my boyfriend
sweet short message for my boyfriend

short sms for boyfriend

  •  Your love pays the piper and my heart calls the tune. Together, we make a union so treasured.
  • I’m giving you all of me without an exception. Yes, you and you alone!
  • Until the day after forever, I have chosen to love you with all that I have and all that I am.
  •  Your love beautifies me just like the stars beautify the sky at night. You’re bae!
  • Can I say it again, again and again? Can I say thanks for your love and care again and again?
sweet short message for my boyfriend
sweet short message for my boyfriend

whatsapp status for your loving one


  •  No matter how hard loving you will ever be, be rest assured that my commitment will never wane.
  • To love you is my heritage, to stay with you forever is my culture and to cherish you is my lifetime tradition.
  •  Luck must have found me wanting of true love and decided to favour me with you.
  •  I am ready to stand by you as we walk this path to endless joy. I’ll be here forever.
  •  Above all, my heart has one daily task it can’t but do. Its core task is to love you.

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Facebook status for your loving one

  •  Morning, noon and night, your love never left my heart because that’s where it belongs forever.
  •  It’s just a mere compliment when people appreciates my deeds… I have you to thank for it all.
  •  My heart wouldn’t stop beating to the rhythm of monumental ecstasy and now I found out you’ve been the reason.
  • I’m learning every hour of the day; learning to know how to pay back your immeasurable care.
  • I will keep you close to my heart all day long and nothing, no storm will be able to shake you off


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