Songs lyrics biography wishes sms quotes wallapers images

Songs lyrics biography wishes sms quotes wallapers images

Social Media Marketing and Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the act of acquiring traffic or attention of users via social media sites for promoting a product or service. There are various social media sites that are used by people for connecting with friends and these sites are used by almost entire young generation and working people, in order to stay connected with each other. Hence these sites are a great platform for doing marketing of products and services online via internet. Social Media Marketing is also known as SMM.

                  What is Social Media Marketing :


social media marketing
Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is the process of acquiring traffic or attention of users via social media sites in order to promote a product or service. The various social media sites that are used for performing social media activities are :

                                   What is Social Media Strategy :


social media marketing
Social Media Marketing Strategy


Social Media Strategy refers to the plan or set of plans that are created for achieving desired goals of promoting products and services, in order to enhancing sales or creating brand awareness.

How to create social media marketing strategy :

  • Set Goals : Before doing any task, it is necessary to set goals to keep in mind, why we are doing that particular activity. So while strategy for doing social media marketing, it is necessary to determine goal, either to increase traffic, enhancing sales or creating brand awareness etc.


  • Determine Audience : The next step is to identify the targeted users or audience as per the use of our product or service and start focusing upon those determined audience.


  • Choose Platform : The next step is to choose the suitable platform, that is beneficial for promotion of our product or service.


  • Create Content : Then you have to create the appropriate content by putting yourself into the shoes of  the targeted users so that they can know about your product or service.


  • Implement : Then share the content with the targeted users, hence implementation of strategy is initiated.


  • Track and measure progress : The next step is to observe or track and measure the progress of implemented strategy, if its going on well, then its good, otherwise, it is considered to make changes in the strategy to achieve desired goals.


  • Adjust : Then the last step is to adjust the shortcomings, or change the plan as per the requirement, so that it will be easier to achieve the desired goal.


social media marketing
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                                             What are the benefits of social media marketing :


Social media marketing
Benefits of Social Media Marketing


As we all know that social media is a great platform for advertising our product because social media is very popular and highly used. Using social media platforms for marketing is very beneficial, there are many benefits of doing marketing through social media sites. Some of the benefits are discussed below :

  • Less Costly : Social media sites are freely available for use, for advertising our product or service, we have to pay a little amount. So its a cheap source of marketing.


  •  Enhances Brand Recognition : Social media marketing facilitates enhancing our brand recognition because almost every person having a person is using social sites, so they see the advertisements of our products and recognize it easily.


  • Higher Conversion Rate of Leads : When people see our advertisements, they get to know about our product or service, so a brand value is created and people like to buy, what is trending and what has a good brand value.


  • Increases Traffic : Social media sites are highly used, so we can increase traffic on our page or post by sharing it with more and more people. Along with that, social media sites provide us some tools also, that are beneficial for marketing.


  • Increases Ranking on Search Engine : Greater Social media presence helps in creating brand value and by sharing the links, meta description and pictures of our website/blog on social media helps to gain good ranking on search engine.
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