How to deal with stress during Board Exams

How to deal with stress
How to deal with stress

How to deal with stress during XII Board Exams – We all know that examination time is very crucial especially when its XII board examination. At this point of time, students have to deal with a lot of stuff. They are forced to score good marks from their parents as well as teachers. This pressure causes depression in students. This depression is too harmful for students as it make them commit suicide and end their lives. This is definitely not what we want the future  of country to be.

Why Students feel Stressed ?

To cure some disease, firstly we need to understand the reason of that particular disease. Similarly, to deal with stress, we need to understand the reason of stress. It has become very common among students to be stressed. To deal with this stress, we need to know that what are the reasons that cause students feel stressed and make them depressed.


How to deal with stress during board exams
How to deal with stress during board exams

This stress occurs among students due to the pressure made on them by their parents and teachers. This pressure leads them to be depressed and stressed. This is the time when they need someone to speak up their problems because they already have too much pressure of studies.

Between all this stuff, students have to suffer the most because  there is no one beside them, to whom they can express their feelings. Teachers pressurize them to do hard work and study but they don’t understand why students are not getting good marks. What are the topics that they are not understanding and which topics should be more focused and how they should make them understand the concepts.

On the other hand, parents also expect from their child to score good marks, no matter how. If they  don’t, they have to face comments from their parents as well as teachers.

Ways to Deal With Stress :

After understanding the cause of stress, let’s discuss the ways to deal with stress.


Ways to deal with stress
Ways to deal with stress
  • Parents should talk to their children about their day at school everyday and should discuss their problems.
  • Parents should look after the health of their children because at this crucial time, health is what gets affected the most. So children should eat properly and take proper nap as well.
  • Parents should not pressurize their children for marks, they should let them free to study as per their schedule.
  • Mental fitness is more important for students. They should do meditation and physical exercise everyday to be fresh and fit.
  • They must talk their problems out to their parents as well as teachers and try to make them understand their point.
  • Students must  focus on studies properly without taking burden of marks prior to examination because its absurd to worry about the result even before doing the task.


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