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Songs lyrics biography wishes sms quotes wallapers images

What Causes Headache | Types, Symptoms & Remedies to Cure

Headache : is pain in the head and sometimes also includes pain in the upper neck. Pain can be held in the head and face include the skin, bone and structures in the eyes. Sometimes pain is unbearable for the person and than it causes major problems to health.


Types of Headache

A) Tension Headaches : Tension is generally found in adults or teens. In people, tension headache commonly feel occasionally. Tension headache usually cause by stress, anxiety and depression which leads to pain. Tension headache commonly strikes due to loud noise, lack of sleep, dehydration, eyes strain, lack of healthy diet and so on.

B) Migraines : If person suffers from migraines he or she feel intense throbbing one side of head and it is very heavy to get rid of easily. The person may affectability to light, sound, and smell. Sickness and heaving are likewise normal. Migraine is categorized as primary headache and it is mainly a visual and sensory disturbance that last upto some mintues. Like, person seems  difficulty in speaking, feel needles in head, muscle weakness and so on.

C) Cluster Headaches : Cluster is also one of type of headache that can be occur in human body. This kind of pain more likely to found in men than women. People feel intense pain in around eyes. Cluster headache basically shows some symptoms like watery or swollen eyes, blocked nose, restlessness.

D) Sinus Headaches : Sinus usually the result of an infection or an allergy. Sinus pain usually grow in around eyes, forehead or cheeks. The pain get more worse and it causes strain in movement and it may affect pain behind ears to some people. Sinus not very general it is rare. Sinus can be caused by bacterial infection. In Sinus cases surgical drainage may be required.

E) Menstrual Headaches : It occur when there is hormonal change in body. In women menstrual headaches occur because of their body hormones changes. Menstrual occur mainly before or during periods. Menstrual headache settled usually the periods get over.

F) Hangover Headaches : Hangover caused when person consumes alcohol leads to severe headache in the next morning. Hangover usually caused both side of heads and get worse at times.

Sign & Symptoms of Headache 

Signs & symptoms of headache
Signs & symptoms of headache

1)  Dizziness

2) Vomiting

3) Vertigo

4) Pain in eyes when contact to light

5) Stroke

6) Nausea

7) Throbbing in head

Remedies to Cure Headache

1) Massage

2) Hot shower

3) Cup of tea

4) Yoga

5) Cold packs

6) Take a nap

7) Eat something

8) Apply peppermint oil

9) Drink up

10) Compress

Remedies to cure headache
Remedies to cure headache

So, below are the steps to cure headache. With the help of above remedies pain can be relief at some point.

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