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Songs lyrics biography wishes sms quotes wallapers images

Education difference between Public and Government School

Education  Protocol   is the process of smooth learning and quality of skills, value, belief, knowledge. Education is most important in today life. Education doesn’t mean book warming. It includes training, discussion and teaching. Once we talk or think about education then first thing comes in mind is school, college, universities and various private institutes.

Why Education is Important  Education learns us how to groom yourself to survive in society.  Through education we can judge what is right or wrong. And it gives people tools and skills Education difference between Public and Government School Education to how to handle the world. Without education people would not be able to write, read and speak and communicate  with others. Education is must in every field whether we talk about job, Education difference between Public and Government School business or even its necessary for farmers as well. Because without education they can be able to not use new techniques in their farms .

Types of Education There is three types Education.

Formal Education:– This is usually in school, where person may  learn basic or  academic education.  Small children starts learning from nursery. But formal education often starts from elementary to secondary school and continues to higher education. Higher Education usually gets in college and university. Which grant us academic diploma and degree.

Non-Formal Education:- This includes basic adult education. In non-formal education we can learn other literacy or job skills, personality development. Which we do not get in school. Instead of this other Home education, programmed learning and distance learning are also considered in this.

Informal Education:- This includes other activities  like prepare meal, sports , self study. People may get informal education by reading books in library or educational websites.

Public school Education: Every parents wants good education  for their children so that they are interested  to admitting  their children in public school.  Because our mind are set up that only public school  Education difference between Public and Government School are providing good education. Convent education is different from government school.  Because they are  providing valuable  activities to the children. Convent fees structure is expensive comparatively government school.


Why Public schools are better than Government School:- Because public  schools are providing the good environment to the children. Convent school children only speaks Education difference between Public and Government School in English. Their dressing style and speaking way are completely different from government school children.

On other hand , Government school are much cheaper than Convent school. Because they don’t have that much facilities for the children. Even in some rural areas, they do not have proper seating arrangement  for children. Children sits on floor. If we talk about other facility like electricity, water and food, then we can see that conditions of these things  are also worst. But lower middle class children do not have any other option to opt. Because their parents can’t afford public school fees.


If we will talk about pay scale then we will see that government teachers salaries are very high rather than convent teachers. But concept of equal pay for equal work expressive strongly in teaching profession. And Government school teachers are getting much facilities comparatively convent school teachers. There is inequalities across teacher compensation, pension benefits.

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Even there is some poor places where children do not go to school because their families do not have enough money. Even there is some undeveloped villages in our country, Education difference between Public and Government School they do not provide education to the girls. Because of less education they have negative prejudice on education for girls.

Government should take steps to improve the education system in government schools. At least government should fulfill  basic needs  of the children like good food, water and electricity. So that their education will not be effected.  And even educational officers  should think about  provide the other facilities  Like libraries, computer labs, science labs, So lower middle class children will be able improve their knowledge.


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