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Songs lyrics biography wishes sms quotes wallapers images

Celebration of Krishna Janmashtami in India

Janmashtami  Celebrations – Janmashtami ,Hindu festival celebrating the birth (janma) of the god Krishna on the eight (ashtami) day of the dark fornight of the month of bhadrapada. The number eight has another significance in the Krishna legend is that he is the eighth child of his moter, Devaki.

Why do we celebrate Janmashtami 

Janmashtami or Gokulashtami or Krishnashtmi is the birthday festivity of Lord Krishna. He is accepted to be Lord Vishnu’s eighth manifestation. It is praised by Hindus in the long stretch of August or September all over India however the celebration is essential in Mathura and Vrindavan where he spent his youth days.

Hindus marking Janmashtami celebrate by fasting throughout the day and breaking the fast at midninght.

Lord krishna is often depicted in a cradle with ceremonies and celebrations held around him. This baby Krishna or ” Nand gopal” is somethimes bathed in milk and honey and dressed in new clothes.

The following day a list of 56 foods is usually collected, known as the ‘Chappan Bhog’ which is used as an offering.

Foods found in this offering often include: makhan mishri,kheer, rasgulla, jalebi, rabri, mathri, malpua, mohanbhog, chutney, murabba, saag, dahi, Khichadi, tikkis, milk, and cashews.


How Janmashtami is celebrated in Maharashtra, Vrindavan and  Mathura 

Janmashtami Celebration in Maharashtra

Janmashtami is celebrated  extraordinarily, by hanging dahi handi high over the ground. Individuals shape a human pyramid to break the dahi handi, fundamentally an earthen pot loaded with curd, drain, water and natural products. The general population who frame the human pyramid are called govindas. Dahi Handi commends the underhanded and fun loving side of Krishna. As per legend, Krishna, when he was a youngster, framed human pyramid with his companions to break pots loaded with curd or spread dangling from the roofs of houses in the area. He used to take the spread or curd that would be swung from the roof and convey among his companions. Krishna was brought up in Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh and the city was led by his malicious uncle Kamsa. Under his administer, individuals were compelled to give all the drain items and homestead deliver to the lord. Krishan used to disperse the drain items among the offspring of Vrindavan. The act of Dahi Handi owes its starting points to this legend.

Janmashtami in maharashtra
Janmashtami in maharashtra

Janmashtami Celebration in Vrindavan 

Situated at 11km North of Mathura, Vrindavan is somewhere else you should visit to witness an excellent festival. Vrindavan is the place Krishna spent his youth taking margarine and individuals’ hearts. Janmashtami festivities in Vrindavan start ten days before the date of Janmashtami. Ras Leelas are performed on this day. Sanctuaries perform different aarti and pooja to revere Krishna. The entire town winds up bursting at the seams with the sound of chimes and bhajans. Enthusiasts from everywhere throughout the world visit the blessed town of Vrindavan on Janmashtami.

Janmashtmi in vrindavan
Janmashtmi in vrindavan

Janmashtami Celebration in Mathura 

Mathura discovers specify in the Hindu epic Mahabharata on account of its most acclaimed child, Krishna. In fact, the origination of Krishna is referred to as much for its way of life as it is for its legacy. Alongside Avantika, Kanchi, Ayodhya, Puri, Dwarka and Kashi, Mathura is one of the destinations that concede moksha or salvation to the travelers going by it. While Mathura is firmly connected with Krishna the city is as hallowed to the Buddhists and Jains as it is to the Hindus. Two of the most famous celebrations of Mathura incorporate Holi and Janmashtami. The Holi festivities of Barsana, nearly 27 km from Mathura, are remarkable in it that they include ladies pounding men (who hold up shields to secure themselves) in a custom that has come to be called.

Janmashtmi in mathura
Janmashtmi in mathura


How to celebrate Janmashtami at home 

Invite all your friends and family to participate in the festivities. Decorating your home for Krishna can be fun, particularly for children. Encourage them in helping to make garlands, hanging balloons and festoons of leaves, and generally making the house beautiful for Krishna’s apperance.

Date and Mahurat of Janmashtami Pooja and Fasting 

This year Janmasthami falls on 2 september, as indicated by Smarta Sampradaya. The adherents of Vaishanava Sampradaya would tail it on the fifteenth August. An opportunity to perform Krishna Pooja is amid Nishita Kala, which is the midnight according to Vedic time-keeping. For those watching the quick, an opportunity to break the quick is known as the Parana which is at 5:39 p.m on fifteenth August. For the supporters of Vaishnava Sampradaya, Janmashtami would be commended on the fifteenth and their ‘Parana’ time is 5:54 a.m.

Nishita Puja Time: 12:03 a.m to 12:47 a.m

The mid night snapshot of the Nishita stage is : 12:25 a.m.

On fifteenth, The Parana Time: After 5:39 p.m

Ashtami Tithi End Time = 5:39 p.m.


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