best hollywood action movies in hindi


hi guys in this post i have show you the some of famous action movies in the hollywood.

hollywood action  movies is costly compared than the other. these movies is awarded by many of awards. these movies you can see with your family without any adult sense. hollywood actions is the best action in the world.

Top 3 Hollywood Action Movies

1. Avatar :-  in this movie a soldier spirit entered by a science in the another alian  body. it is the most expensive movie. a artifical alien body meets with groups of aliens in the city of pandora. this movies is earned in the box office  2.788 billion dollor.

Cast And Crews:-

  • avatar movie director james cameron in 1996 after the completion of titanic he is announed that he will make the next movie of avatar.

2. Terminator:- in this movie a next level robot machine enter in the future.

3. Spider man:- in  which a spider bite a human body and change its dna. after that the

object felling changes or its stamina changes.

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